Looking after your hair between visits

Here are our top tips for looking after your hair between visits to our salon.
At AZARI we always recommend you take home a personalised Kerastase Haircare routine which includes shampoo, conditioner/masque and a treatment. Using colour safe products on your hair is vital for the longevity of your colour! 
Another hot tip is to wash your hair less often. The more you wash it the more colour will wash out too. also ending your shower with a cool rinse helps to close the hair cuticles, promoting shine and reducing fade.
For all the blondies reading, we have the perfect anti-yellow range for you, Blonde absolut by Kerastase is everything you need as a blonde. They have Bain ultraviolet, a purple pigmented shampoo that counteracts any yellow in your blonde, but unlike most blonde shampoos this one doesn’t dry out your hair but instead nourishes it. If blonde shampoo isn’t your thing they also have Masque Ultra-violet,  this rich purple mask removes unwanted yellow undertones and brassiness, while deeply hydrating and restoring hair strands. My favourite thing about both of these products is that they don’t overtone, no matter how long you leave them on for! These products are recommended to use once a week or whenever you feel needed to neutralise brassy tones and keep your blonde hair luminous & cool.
Always remember to use heat protectant as you can actually burn the colour out of your hair! Sometimes the reason your hair turns yellow so fast after you leave the salon is because you’re not using heat protection before styling your hair, our cult favourite Elixir oil l’huile original protects hair up to 220 degrees while providing intense nourishment, also can be used on wet or dry hair.
Lastly, always remember to reschedule your next appointment 4-8 weeks to ensure that you are never leaving your colour unattended for too long!